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Prenatal and postnatal support
for foreign women living in Japan
and multicultural childcare

Japanese Class

Starting a japanese langage classes for prenatal and postnatal women and parenting
☆Please share it with your foreign pregnant friend.

Let’s learn together “Japanese used during pregnancy and childbirth” and “Japanese used when raising a baby”

There are many difficult words to use during pregnancy and childbirth.
Even if people can speak Japanese, there are many words you don’t understand.
During the three Japanese language programs in this class, you will be able to communicate with doctors and midwives.

(1)Prenatal checkups terms
(2)Communicate anxiety and discomfort during pregnancy
(3)Terms during childbirth and hospitalization
(4)Post-discharge health and notifications

This class was created in response to the voice of foreign mothers who said, “Nobody teaches us Japanese for raising children.”
Let’s study the words used in local communities, with Japanese mothers, at hospitals, and at nursery schools.
Make parenting more fun and easier.

(1)Let’s talk about the baby’s body
(2)Terms used in vaccination and pediatrics
(3)Words used in daycare/kindergarten
(4)Make friends with Japanese mom

Using illustrated texts, also have interpreters in our native language, so even if you can’t speak Japanese at all, we can study together.
If you can tell about your body and baby by yourself, you can start raising your child with relieves.
You can also consult about physical and parenting issues

People outside of Toshima Ward can also join With us
Please join us.

4th or 5th SUNDAY
(1)May 26,2024
(2)June 30,2024
(3)July 28,2024
(4)September 22,2024


(Toshima sangyo shinko plaza 4F)
Toshimaku nishi ikebukuro2-37-4


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    Date (NINPU) 6/30 13:30-14:407/28 13:30-14:409/22 13:30-14:40
    Date (KOSODATE) 6/30 14:50-16:007/28 14:50-16:009/22 14:50-16:00


    Welfare And Medical Service Agency (WAM) (Social welfare promotion subsidy business)

    Sponsoring companies

    Interculture Art Inc.
    Hannan Chuo Hospital
    Shops recommended for foreign pregnant women and mothers raising children
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