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Birth Plan & Postnatal Plan

Hello, Everyone.
Today we introduce you to how to prepare ‘バースプラン(birth-plan)’ a birth planning sheet in Japan.
You can download a sample document about how to write it in simplified Japanese.

Download the Japanese Version

Download the English Birth Plan

First of all, ‘バースプラン(birth-plan)’ is a tool for sharing your own vision of how you want to give birth.

Today many hospitals accept the ‘バースプラン(birth-plan)’ in Japan, especially maternity hospitals (which are providing midwives) welcome it and value your own vision.

You can share your ideas using ‘バースプラン(birth-plan)’ with a doctor or a midwife(in many cases you give it to a midwife).
Many points could be taken in consideration such as ;
· What posture do you want to give birth.
· What kind of atmosphere you prefer while you are giving birth e.g : music, aroma oil, light condition, clothes and so on…
· Who do you want to have by your side while you are giving birth.
· Do you want to be in the same room with your baby after giving birth or not etc.
Advantages to make ‘バースプラン(birth-plan)’
Especially foreign women who will give birth in Japan would benefit from making a ‘バースプラン(birth-plan)’ to share your vision, your cultural values, according to your own custom, and religious practice, which might be different from Japanese ones.
It will be helpful for you, to have a better, and enjoyable experience giving birth in Japan.

If you have religious restrictions regarding food or have original giving birth or postnatal term customs in your own culture, it might be better to tell a doctor and a midwife to keep your self-esteem intact and embrace your independency.
Unfortunately, not all hospital will accept’バースプラン(birth-plan)’, and you might be disappointed when they refuse to share your vision.

But making ‘バースプラン(birth-plan)’ will help you to imagine your own experience in giving birth vividly, as well as being good to build a trustworthy relationship with a doctor, and a midwife.
It will also help you to express your own ideas in the way you wish to give birth and have a positive experience.
Actually it’s not anyone but you who hold the reins for this precious experience which might happen only a few times in your life!
When to make ‘バースプラン(birth-plan)’ and give it to a doctor or a midwife?
Basically you can start making ‘バースプラン(birth-plan)’ anytime you want.
Generally, around your 30 weeks pregnancy, it’s better to start imagining and writing down your original giving birth ideas.

Usually a doctor and a midwife need some time to consider and prepare for your ‘バースプラン(birth-plan)’ to be able to realize it as much as possible.
So it’s better to share ‘バースプラン(birth-plan)’ not just before giving birth but much earlier, around 34 weeks, at the latest 36 weeks pregnancy, and give them time to prepare.

Some hospitals have their own ‘バースプラン(birth-plan)’sheets.
In that case, they would have due day. So it’s better to ask the hospital and make sure when it will be.
Here we have prepared a sample document for making it easier to share your visions and ideas with a doctor or a midwife in simplified Japanese.
We hope it will help you to make your own wonderful ‘バースプラン(birth-plan)’.
And if the hospital have their own sheets, please use our sample as a draft.

In this emergent term of corona virus, many pregnant women must feel anxious and isolated now. Don’t hesitate to ask for help to a doctor, a midwife or a nurse.
Please feel free to ask any questions you want .That might help you make yourself feel at ease.

Let’s enjoy your precious maternity term in Japan!

Download the Japanese Version

Download the English Birth Plan

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