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Prenatal and postnatal support
for foreign women living in Japan
and multicultural childcare

Useful expressions for prenatal check up

A “Communication Notebook” was made to communicate with the medical staff during antenatal check-ups.

The members from Mother’s Tree Japan and midwives made the Communication Notebook to prevent minor issues during pregnancy for on-Japanese pregnant women. These issues could include being refused a consultation because they do not speak Japanese, or being unable to communicate what they want to say to the medical staff.
The hospital version of the Communication Notebook should be given to the medical staff for their use.

Download (for hospitals)

The Communication Notebook for mothers is designed so that you can point to what you want to tell them, or practice saying phrases in Japanese to the medical staff.

Download (for mothers)

All Mother’s Tree Japan members wish you a safe and comfortable pregnancy in Japan by making use of these Communication Notebooks.

Mother’s Tree Japan will aim to support your safe and secure birth in Japan.


Welfare And Medical Service Agency (WAM) (Social welfare promotion subsidy business)

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