जापानमा विदेशी महिलाहरुले सुत्केरी हुनु भन्दा
अगाडि र सुत्केरी भए पछिको सपोर्ट र बहुसांस्कृतिक
बालबच्चाको पालनपोषण

आमा परामर्श मिटिंग

We will bring you support for a safe birth ,and one that respect your culture.
Regular Classes in Toshima area
Online classes
  • Please check the calendar on the website.
  • We also can provide classes at your home or near by.
    We hold classes upon request from organizations or individuals with a minimum of three peoples.
    (If you live outside Tokyo, please contact us.)


आरक्षण फारम

The services we provide will be kept in strict confidence with the mother being supported.
Medical issues and sensitive family dynamics are difficult to deal with alone, so our staff can support these issues, with respect and strict confidentiality.


2022 सालको टोकियोमा विदेशी बासिन्दाहरूका लागि समर्थन परियोजना


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