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Prenatal and postnatal support
for foreign women living in Japan
and multicultural childcare

Breastfeeding consultation for foreign mother

You can learn about breastfeeding and how to care for yourself from the midwife specialist. 

You can learn how to take care of breast is producing excessive amount of milk, how to take care of mastitis, and how to use combine breast milk and formula milk.

If you are concerning about breastfeeding, lets learn how to make it smooth by breastfeeding. We will provide personal counseling by midwife♪

Pregnancy women is welcome to join with us!

Non-Toshima residents are also welcome to attend.

Please join us!

Tobu kodomo katei shien center

10/8(Sun) 10:00-11:30

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    Welfare And Medical Service Agency (WAM) (Social welfare promotion subsidy business)

    Sponsoring companies

    Interculture Art Inc.
    Hannan Chuo Hospital
    Shops recommended for foreign pregnant women and mothers raising children
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