Provide support
for foreign women
during maternity,
post-natal and while raising children

Let's enjoy the differences.
Let's value the differences.
Let's realize that differences
enrich our society and its future.

Accompanying service

We can accompany you to medical institutions, public institutions, child care groups, daycare interviews and so on.
Face-to-face accompanying service (metropolitan area)
  • Please make a reservation in advance.
We thank you in advance for the little support you provide, to cover the transportation cost ,and service for the volunteer staff accompanying you.
Online accompanying and interpretation
  • Please make a reservation in advance.
We will accompany you , and do interpreting through one of your device such as a smart phone or a tablet.

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The services we provide will be kept in strict confidence with the mother being supported.
Medical issues and sensitive family dynamics are difficult to deal with alone, so our staff can support these issues, with respect and strict confidentiality.

#101 Horimoto Bld., 4-38-5 Chihaya, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 171-0044

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