Dukungan prenatal dan postnatal,
serta pengasuhan anak multikultural
untuk perempuan warga negara asing yang tinggal di Jepang.

Apa yang kami pedulikan

Everything started from a single conversation.

Two women were talking in a small cafe.
One person was a pregnant foreigner who seemed to be from an Asian country.

The other one was a Japanese woman who could speak English perfectly.

They were talking loudly enough for their whole conversation to be heard in the cafe.

The Japanese woman seemed to be a volunteer medical interpreter who was explaining the Japanese medical system, the Japanese way of raising children, and so on to the pregnant lady.

However, the more in detail the Japanese woman spoke, the more the pregnant one seemed to lose her confidence and self-esteem.

She needed something more than only information and explanations.

It seemed to me that what the pregnant woman really needed was someone with a different attitude and approach.

She needed a person who could understand her and her needs, someone sensitive enough to listen attentively, with respect toward her, her own cultural values and how she envisions her experience of giving birth in Japan.

Empathy is what she needed the most.

The idea for this project “Mother’s Tree Japan” started in my heart on that day.

The aim of this project is to provide support to foreign mothers living in Japans by offering them a chance to open up and share about what they really need as well as a place where they can be genuinely understood and respected for their own choices regarding the ways of giving birth and raising children.

On second thought, this project felt beneficial not only to foreign mothers in Japan, but also to Japanese mothers as well.

The media and our culture place a high value on being a “perfect mother”.

Our society is very quick to judge and condemn mothers.

In Japan, many women feel quite stressed by the illusion of the “ideal mother. Intensive mothering” norms prescribe mothers to be the main person responsible for taking care of their children, being fully devoted to this task, and putting her child’s needs before her own.

Many mothers try to adapt themselves to this pressure to be a perfect mother and lose their confidence or self-esteem in the process.

In the long-term, they gradually lose also their individuality.

To know that there are various ways of thinking and cultures in the world, and to realize that all of them are valuable and beautiful will encourage Japanese mothers to embrace their own individuality and sensitivity. It will empower them to raise children with confidence in themselves.

Raising children with healthy self-esteem is the most important key to encourage them to value themselves and others.

Let’s enjoy the differences.
Let’s value the differences.
Let’s realize that differences enrich our society and its future.

We want to be a caring and resourceful organization that values diversity for all mothers raising children in Japan.

Like a big comforting and solid tree where every mother can come to find resources, refresh herself, and gain the power needed to continue progressing on her own motherhood journey.

Please join and support our activities and projects!

We are here for you!

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