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Prenatal and postnatal support
for foreign women living in Japan
and multicultural childcare

Labor Pains Card

This labor card is useful when you are outside, feeling sick, or having contractions.
Practice these six words down here so that you can use them over the phone.

  1. Download
  2. Fill in your information
  3. Put it in a soft case like the one in the photo or laminate it.
  4. Put it on your bag or anything else and carry it always.

If you request a maternity information set from the NPO Mother’s Tree Japan, you will receive one with a pass case in the set, which you can also make use of.
For you
Peace with you.



Welfare And Medical Service Agency (WAM) (Social welfare promotion subsidy business)

Sponsoring companies

Interculture Art Inc.
Hannan Chuo Hospital
Shops recommended for foreign pregnant women and mothers raising children
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