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Pointing board for postnatal checkups and home visits


[We made the “pointing board for postnatal checkups and home visits”]

To support new mums and babies after childbirth, there are [home visit] and [checkup at hospital] in the first month after childbirth in Japan.

However, communicating with the words and expressions of the physical and mental condition after childbirth in foreign language are not easy.

When new-mum are physically and mentally exhausted from raising children, especially a diligent mother, when asked if there are any problems by nurses or doctors, often only answers “I’m fine”, even if she actually needs help.

Following the pointing board for childbirth, Mother’s Tree Japan made a new pointing board for foreign mothers in Japan, with which new mum can communicate the postpartum health conditions and concerns.

You can tell nurses and/or doctors about your postpartum body, breastfeeding, your baby and so on by pointing the pictures on the board.

Such communication will help you get various support you need.

Raising a child requires the help of many people.

We encourage you to communicate them about your mind, body and baby’s condition without hesitation.

Please use this pointing board to communicate with public health nurse, midwife and doctor during home visit and postpartum checkup.


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