Provide support
for foreign women
during maternity,
post-natal and while raising children

Let's enjoy the differences.
Let's value the differences.
Let's realize that differences
enrich our society and its future.

Maternity Information Kit for foreign mothers who will give birth to children in Japan in their native languages

There are a lot of useful information and tools on pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare, or in case of an emergency.
However, unfortunately, there are not many who recognize and use such information or tools.
Even if you know about them, it is difficult to have them downloaded and printed by yourself to keep them on hand.
So we launched a “Gift to Support Foreign Mothers in Japan Project”, where we print and set all information and tools in one kit and send it to foreign mothers, so that the mothers can use the information kit as soon as they receive it.
We want to send what Japanese mothers can have without difficulty to foreign mothers in Japan.
This project is filled with those hopes.
We hope to give every mother a support so that she can give birth and raise children without worries.
Please share this information with other foreign mothers and fathers in Japan around you.
Information Kit includes
  • Maternity record book available in multiple languages (upon request)
  • Parenting chart for foreign residents
  • A guide for new mothers and new born babies
  • Labor and Delivery Pointing board
  • Others: Information on vaccines and immunizations or Covid-19
We have Information Kit in
Please consult with us about other languages.
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An information kit will be shipped within a few days.
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    The subsidy for his project is granted by WAM.

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