Provide support
for foreign women
during maternity,
post-natal and while raising children

Let's enjoy the differences.
Let's value the differences.
Let's realize that differences
enrich our society and its future.

Outline of Organization

About NPO Mother’s Tree Japan
The number of foreigners living in Japan has been increasing rapidly as labor markets open up and more opportunities become available.

Many women are facing difficult circumstances living here during their maternity, in postnatal periods , as well as when raising their children. The reasons are sometimes not only language barriers, but also cultural differences, an inadequate knowledge about the Japanese healthcare system, or simply the absence of a good support network.

We offer these consultation & services to accompany mothers to appointments in order to help them be more comfortable and confident, and to offer them a sense of stability during this stressful time.

We have a reliable staff who have accumulated valuable knowledge, having more than 10 years of experience supporting mothers of diverse needs. Most of all, we wish to respect and understand any cultural differences in what you want to do and we want to help you communicate that to others.

Furthermore, we want to provide mothers with the opportunity to have respectful relationships and enjoy creative communication with other mothers in their community.

As needed, we can offer experienced advice about any problems the children may face (for example educational challenges) and support mothers by connecting them to helpful resources in their local community.

These services can be provided in Japanese or English language, in addition to several other languages, according to the mother’s preferences.

Please feel free to contact us and join our activities to help make your experience of giving birth and raising children in Japan an excellent one!
Outline of Organization
Name of organization NPO Mother’s Tree Japan
Address #101 Horimoto Bld., 4-38-5 Chihaya, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 171-0044
Tel 042-315-2768
Date of establishment June 29, 2020
President Masayuki Tsubonoya
Executive director Tomomi Tsubonoya

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#101 Horimoto Bld., 4-38-5 Chihaya, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 171-0044

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